About the company

Blue Expeditors Bratislava, Ltd. was founded in 2011 as a Slovak branch office of Blue Expeditors GmBH&CO., KG functioning on the markets in SK, CZ, HU, AT, SI, PL.

The company focuses on providing complete logistical solutions and all means of transport with specialization on marine, container transport, and the transport of oversized goods, RO – RO, bulk consignments, and the transport of chemicals.

Our head office seated in Hamburg is directly connected with one of the largest ports in the world, we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of forwarding business and together with our very good contacts, we are able to transport your consignment with speed and reliability to any destination in the world.


Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality and the most effective logistical solutions at competitive – apt prices. We are trying to keep up with the times of loadings and discharging of cargo, schedules and demands of customers to deliver your consignment on time and effectively.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Individual care and approach to the requirements of every client
  • Flexibility of services
  • Proficiency and long-term experience of our team

Our domain are destinations of South America and Mexico, where We do have longterm, excellent contacts.